As it was for many Illinois businesses, the covid pandemic was also exceptionally hard on the nearly 100-year-old universe exploring museum.

The return of the always spectacular Adler Planetarium in Chicago's museum park almost didn't happen.

Chicago's Adler Planetarium Reopens on July 3


Imagine the Moon with us, search for a new ninth planet, take a fast-paced tour of the solar system, get to know the sky above Chicago, and fly through the stars at impossible speeds in our state-of-the-art theaters.


The planetarium is set to reopen on Independence Day weekend. A limited number of visitors will be allowed inside, as they will be reopening slowly.

For Illinois residents, visiting the planetarium will be free, for the next three weekends. They will be screening their famous Sky Shows.

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The pandemic hit the museum hard, opening to full capacity would be too much for their limited resources. Adler's current plans are to fully reopen the entire facility in March of 2022.

Adler will also be hosting some events in their new observation park and upgraded Doane Observatory. They installed a brand new telescope, the largest publicly accessible telescope in the Midwest, in February 2020.

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