In this case, it appears that both "finders" and "losers" are going to be weeping when this is over.

Apparently, Grand Haven, Michigan was the place to be last Thursday night when $30,000 in cash went flying off the back of a truck into the air, and onto the roadway.

The initial reports had the money flying out of the back of an armored car when its doors suddenly came open, but the story was later revised to say that the driver of the truck had the cash in a cardboard box that he left on the bumper before driving away.

I've often wondered why we've never seen a manufacturer's recall of the back doors of armored cars. I mean, at least once a year we'll see a story detailing how the back doors of one of these money-haulers suddenly burst open, showering passersby with loads of cash. If your car's hatch or trunk was doing that, you'd want it fixed--and you're probably not carrying around hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just a thought, but I digress.

Back to Grand Haven.

Police closed the road after receiving reports of drivers stopping to pick up money, causing a backup in traffic. Some witnesses on the scene assisted police and the driver in attempting to grab the cash as it blew down the boulevard, but only about $2,500 was initially recovered.

While much of it is still missing, by Saturday more money was trickling in to police. The Department of Public Safety says two teenagers turned in $630, and a woman gave up nearly $3,900.

“We commend you for your honesty,” police said on Facebook. “The owner of the money will be grateful.”

I know, I know. You're asking why a guy would have $30,000 in a box. On his bumper. Me, too.

Somehow, the report of the incident does not include that information.

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