It's the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Rockford Edition.

Every once in a while I like to take a look at to take a look inside some of the homes I see for sale in the Rockford area.

I'm not looking to purchase a home, but I am nosy. I want to know what it looks like behind the brick exterior.

I decided to do a search today, out of curiosity, for the most expensive homes for sale in Rockford.

Hold on to your checkbooks, folks! You are in for a real, royal treat.

This beautiful home has four bedrooms, six bathroom and is 5,324 square feet.

The home is three stories tall, has an outdoor fireplace and a family room with heated floors! Did I mention the 3.5 car garage and gardening room?

This masterpiece has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and sits at 6,000 square feet.

It boasts five fireplaces, a spiral staircase and even a wine cellar!

The most expensive home for sale in Rockford has five bedrooms, six bathrooms and 5,857 square feet.

The only thing I can say it POOL! This home has a giant pool and pool house for all of your guests to enjoy.

Beautiful aren't they!

Not in your budget? Mine either, I'll have to stick to this one:

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