We're are happy to announce that 1440 WROK will be airing White Sox baseball games beginning this season. 

We were approached by the White Sox organization to become the Rockford affiliate for the 2021 White Sox season earlier this year. We had been the Rockford affiliate for the Chicago Cubs since the 2017 season but were not under contract for the 2021 season. We want to thank both the Cubs organization and Mitch Rosen, Program Director for 670 WSCR for being great partners since then.

The ability to be the clearest and most reliable on-air signal in the Rockford area for the White Sox would have been enough to agree to a partnership. When you add the fact that former Cub announcer Len Kasper is the new voice of the White Sox and this team is only one of a handful of organizations that have a legitimate shot at a World Series in 2021, made it an agreement we couldn't pass up.

Then to sweeten the deal, the White Sox signed one of my favorite people in sports radio, Connor McKnight, to do pre and post-game shows for the broadcasts. Connor is someone I know personally and knew he would connect with our listeners. I asked him to come on the show when we made the announcement to address our listeners and he jumped at the chance. Take a listen above.

The White Sox already have pitchers and catchers out in Arizona with the rest of the team showing up next week. Spring training games will start soon after that. We will bring you at least 2 of the spring training games and then barring rare scheduling conflicts, will be airing all 162 regular-season games and any postseason games if they make the playoffs. Which they absolutely should.

Thanks to Connor for hopping on with us. Looking forward to his next visit to give us a full preview of the team.

This season should be very exciting. Listen to 1440 WROK all season and let Len, DJ, and Connor guide you to the postseason.

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