Meet Albina Foisy, a 101 year old resident of Lillooet, British Columbia. A few days ago, Albina's son, Armand, took his mom out for a ride to enjoy some of the new snow that had fallen. When Armand pulled over to the side of the road to turn around, Albina popped off her seatbelt, opened her door, and got out for a closer look. And, to make (then throw at a roadsign) herself a snowball. Her joy is infectious.

According to Armand,

When you have a mother who’s 101 years old, it’s a good idea to keep the camera nearby for those special moments. There is a lot of sadness [in the world] so people are looking for and maybe connecting to something a little different. There is a lot of skepticism in this world and none of that is from mom,” he says. “The drive to learn and discover is still paramount. Everyone who knows her knows that it is constant and it never diminishes.

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