When the place is literally named, 'happy,' you know you're going to have a blast when you visit.

So many times we've all scrolled through Instagram stopping to look at amazing selfies that seem to be made with some crazy green screen effect to discover there are places built for selfies popping up all over the place.

Until 'Happy Place' it seemed like most of them were overseas or in L.A.

But we are in luck, because this time the selfie center is in Chicago at 1004 N. Elston.

The 'Happy Place' is packed with amazing themed rooms and crazy awesome colors that pop when you snap a photo or video.

I especially love the one where you look like you're standing on the ceiling. That's my weird life dream.

$30 for unlimited perfect photos sounds alright to me.

You better get your tickets soon because 'Happy Place' is leaving Chicago after August 6.

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