It's called the Big Taste Grill and it's coming to town.

A Rockford summer highlight is always the Kiwanis Brat Days and once again they're bringing a heavy hitter to town courtesy of Jonhsonville Brats.

It's 65 feet long, weighs 53,000 pound and can grill 2,500 brats an hour. I consider myself a pretty decent griller but I admit I would be completely lost manning the helm of this beast.

If you want to catch glimpse of this monstrosity it will be at the Schnucks on Harlem Road this Friday 11AM til 8PM and Saturday 11AM til 5PM. The Kiwanis will also be selling brats at the Schuncks on E. State St and The Edgebrook center. The brats will be just a delicious, just not with the added spectacle of the biggest grill in the world.

If you've been in town for any amount of time I don't need to sell you on how good the brats are. All proceeds go to charity so make sure you make some time to swing by one of those sites for lunch or dinner over the weekend.

Take a look at the grill in action earlier this year when it rolled into Austin, Texas.