If you're just tired of making a trip to Target every single day, take a trip to Chicago and spend hours in this antique and oddities shop!

Because I've never made a stop here, this place is totally a hidden gem to me!  With the endless products on the shelves and all over the store, I'm not sure I could look at everything in a single day.  Have you been to Woolly Mammoth?


A curiosity cabinet of items resurrected from the past. We specialize in animal themed-ephemera, taxidermy, anatomy, medical, funeral, circus, naturalia, & art made by us. - WM

This antiques and oddities shop is definitely like no other shop you've been to. If you're looking for an unusual gift or collector's item you don't think you could find at a big box store, Woolly Mammoth is for you!

I'm not sure about you, but I think this shop is beyond cool.  Maybe it's just something I'm pretty interested in or I'm just a crazy person.

Look at this taxidermy!  Two-headed bunnies stuffed and turned into an art piece... this is not something you see every day.

Woolly Mammoth sells a BUNCH of skulls if you're a collector!  Based on the stash they have, you can probably find some rare species that nobody else has.

Who knew a first date here could turn into a lifelong, beautiful relationship?! I wish my first date was something original like this (not saying a date at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant wasn't good enough lol).

From the looks of it, this oddities shop is a place for everybody of all ages.  They have something for mom, dad, each one of the kids, and potentially your pup!

Okay, WHAT IS THIS? I've seen these jars in scientific/crime shows, but I didn't actually think people really had these in real life!  I guess they call it a 'fetal monster'. I WANT IT.

And to top it off, body parts are available for purchase.  Obviously not real body parts considering that's highly illegal, but we're talkin' doll parts!

Take a look at these, every size and shape of a body can be found at Woolly Mammoth. Anything you can possibly think of can be dug up at this curiosity shop!

If you're curious now, you can find Woolly Mammoth at 1513 W. FOSTER AVE. CHICAGO, IL 60640, Monday-Sunday 12-5.  

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