You're not going to believe this unique summer concert series in Wisconsin... the stage, bands, and fans float down a river.

Searching For The Most Unique Concert Venues

Since I am a huge fan of live music and go to lots of concerts, I'm always looking for the strangest places to see bands. Especially, for outdoor shows during the summertime.

Up to this point, my top-rated weirdest place to see a band was on a barge. It was anchored in front of a lakeside bar and everyone hung out in the beer garden to watch. I believe that has now been beaten. The same sort of concept but takes it to the next level.

The band plays on an actual boat that floats down a river. The fans follow along in boats and kayaks. It will also make stops at bars along the shore. Now, that sounds like a great time.

According to, 

Beginning June 8 and running through the end of August, this live music series will board a band onto "The Funktoon" and take off down the Milwaukee River, playing all the way.

While floating along its three-hour tour from 5-8 p.m., the boat will hit various riverside hotspots – such as Riverfront Pizza, Milwaukee Ale House, and The Harp – but the main attraction takes place out on the water as fans can rent a kayak or 12-passenger boat to sail alongside the show.

The shows launch at 4:30 p.m. from Brew City Kayak, found at 820 S. Water Street.

For more info, HERE.

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