Allow me to introduce you to Karen Lueders of Wisconisin. Karen lectures at church functions about "living the life that God intended you to have." SG

Where to start? How about on the toilet at 11:15pm...That's where Karen was. Her husband got up to use the bathroom and noticed that it was being used. The husband (while Karen was on the toilet) told Karen to kiss her...Ok? The two locks lips, tongues were involved, and Karen BIT HER HUSBAND'S TONGUE OFF. WTH!

The husband claimed that Karen went into a "manic state" grabbed his junk and bit his tongue off! Williard the husband was transported to a hospital 50 miles from their home, where they went into emergency surgery to re-attach the tongue, WTH!

Willard dialed 911, wait how did he talk to the person on the other end? Anyway, when cops came there was Karen sitting on the front porch singing Christmas carols with a New Year's horn in hand. WTH!

Both Karen and her husband are a big part of the church, with a write up on their churches website about Karen that says:

Karen Lueders is a full-time Activity Director for the elderly who shares a music ministry named ‘His Harmony’ with her husband.

How is Willard going to sing in church now? Why did he tell her to kiss him on the toilet? Why did she BITE HIS FREAKIN' TONGUE OFF? Why was she singing Christmas carols on the front porch? Finally why is she smiling about this entire situation in her mugshot???

Sheboygan County Clerk
Sheboygan County Clerk



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