You might love cheese, but do you love THIS kind of cheese?

I am a HUGE cheese lover. However, I have a limit to my love. That limit ends at goat cheese and whatever the heck this type of cheese is that I NEVER want to try. The cheese I'm talking about is limburger cheese. Here's how Wiki describes the smell -

Once it reaches three months, the cheese produces its notorious smell because of the bacterium used to ferment Limburger cheese and many other smear-ripened cheeses. This is Brevibacterium linens, the same one found on human skin that is partially responsible for body odor.

Some people love this kind of cheese. I've never met these kind of people, but apparently they exist. If you're one of them, I think I've found your new favorite sandwich.

Where can you find this stinky sandy?

Baumgartner’s Cheese Store & Tavern

It's located in Monrone, Wisconsin and it's actually Wisconsin's oldest cheese store. The small tavern was even mentioned in People Magazine once when they were highlighting famous sandwiches from every state.

Like I said before, I'm not much of a limburger cheese gal, but the rest of their cheese menu looks delicious. Look how good their cheese looks.

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I'd definitely be choosing the cheddar over the stinky cheese. But the limburger cheese sandwich is a staple at the Wisconsin tavern. Of course when you're indulging in some Wisconsin cheese you can sip on some local brews like Wisconsin's famous Spotted Cow.

Check out their full menu and cheese selection here.


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