Maybe you didn't actually dream up this new McFlurry but you're going to feel like you're living in a dream world when you take a bite. 

Summer is unofficially on the way and that means ICE CREAM.

Well, let's be real here, you don't need summer to have ice cream, but it is the perfect combo.

When someone asks me what's my favorite thing at McDonald's, I honestly say, Egg McMuffin and their vanilla ice cream cone. It's perfection, though I'm not sure I would order them together.

You know what happens when that vanilla ice cream gets blended together with some delicious toppings right? A MCFLURRY!

McDonald's introduced the McFlurry in 1997 and I remember it like it was yesterday. All of the sudden there was a brand new reason to hit up the Golden Arches and now we're getting the 2022 summer flavor and it couldn't be more tempting: Chocolately Pretzel McFlurry. 

There's not a lot of explanation needed for this one, but if you're looking for the McDonald's description it is: creamy vanilla soft serve with caramel topping and chocolatey pretzel pieces.

I'm a big fan of pretzels in my ice cream and this one is a definite winner.

According to the McDonald's website, this is a limited time flavor at participating McDonald's locations.

I am for sure that they are at all Bucciferro McDonald's locations here in the Stateline.

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