You might have some extra boots lying around your house that you don't need or maybe your kid has grown out of their's. Put them to good use. 

Carpenter's Place is a local shelter that provides the tools necessary for rebuilding the lives of local homeless adults. This time of year just surviving day to day can be a hassle for the less fortunate.

That's why they're asking for your help. Warm winter boots are critical and they are running very low. They're completely out of men's boots but any donations would be welcome.

Donations can be dropped of at Carpenter's Place downtown between 8:30 and 4:30 Monday through Friday or at any Alpine Bank branch.

If you would like to help but don't have any boots to donate, you can make a monetary donation specifying "Warm Winter Boots" and your money will go directly to fund this need.

Thanks for your help and stay warm out there.

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