One Belvidere resident found some big paw prints, and experts confirmed what she thought it was. Check out what big beast was in her backyard.

Debbie Schmidt told WIFR she was going out to feed birds when she found a surprise, giant set of paw prints.

...It looked a lot like a bear print. She decided to call Boone County Animal Services to see if her suspicions were right.

The expert confirmed, they were indeed bear prints.

They confirmed that she was. Telling her she found several hind foot prints trailing from the Schmidt's backyard all the way to the road. Peggy Doty with the Russel Woods Forest Preserve in Genoa says the bear population has been moving our direction from Wisconsin, but she tells us it's nothing to worry about.

So what do you do if you spot a bear in your yard? Definitely don't feed it or try to wrestle it. WIFR shared this,

..they recommend making loud noises to scare it away, but do not feel threatened.

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