Turning water into wine is child's play compared to what Willson Contreras did over the weekend. 

As you can see above Twitter user @lkslomba tweeted out this video of Contreras playing catch with a young fan before Sunday's Cubs-Cardinals game. That's always nice to see and one of the more unique things about baseball. No other sport can give access to a random fan like that.

After playing catch with the young man Contreras tossed him an extra ball to give to his brother who happened to be wearing a Molina jersey.

WGN - Contreras joked about the gift maybe helping him change allegiances and in a way it did. While Willson was in the bullpen, Chase took off his Cardinals gear and donned a Contreras T-shirt the group had purchased for someone else before the game. Chase didn’t make a complete switch. He reportedly still roots for Molina and the Cardinals but he’s apparently a Cubs fan for life now, too.

Here's the result of just one kind gesture.

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