Full disclosure: You might think less of me after reading this. 

Fortunately I don't care.

I was a big Hanson fan in 1997. And when I say big I mean I liked the song MMMMMBop a lot. I was still in high school. I had yet to get all the optimism beaten out of me by the real world.  Boy would I like to go back in time and smack young Joe in the face.

Here's another thing about me. I'm a big acoustic cover guy. Not sure what that means but about 25% of my Spotify usage is dedicated to guys (and gals) taking upbeat rock songs and making them appropriate to play at a Starbucks on a Tuesday afternoon.

Imagine my excitement when I came across this gem of Issac, Taylor and Zac (I definitely did NOT Wikipedia that) belting out my senior anthem with just their voice and a wooden guitar. Big thanks to the new ABC show Greatest Hits which did this last night. Now I'm not going to start watching this show, I'll just wait for the internet to show me if something actually cool happens on network television like I have ever since Seinfeld went off the air.  But if Chumbawamba wants to drop by with an acoustic cover of Tubthumping I might actually set the DVR.

Now I'm supposed to tell you that Hanson is playing at Brews and BBQ presented by Parson's Collision Centers Sept 2 at the Rockford Speedway because we're not supposed to write blogs without local content in them. But spoiler alert folks; you were getting this video in a blog today no matter what. That being said you should totally go to Brews and BBQ to see Hanson because well, Hanson, and the possibility of seeing this live. If you see me there say hi. I will be the one in the front row jamming out.

Now turn up the volume and enjoy yourself.