Eric Church has made some major headlines in 2021 with his push to get everyone vaccinated against COVID-19, and now he's taking that mission one step further.

Eric Church Is Using COVID Sniffing Dogs At His 2021/2022 Tour Stops

Eric Church's 'The Gather Again Tour' is coming to the United Center in Chicago on Friday, March 11, 2022, and if you already have tickets and are now freaking out about getting sniffed down by dogs upon arrival, let me ease your mind a bit. According to;

The singer is using COVID sniffing dogs to detect the virus on his bandmates, his crew, and the concert staff.

The article goes on to say that it costs about $8,000 to "rent" these COVID sniffing dogs for a weekend, and Eric Church's manager says it has literally saved the tour and is cheaper than testing all staff members before each show.

How Accurate Are COVID Sniffing Dogs?

It's very likely that seeing COVID sniffing dogs will soon be a regular thing at big places like airports and event venues because of their detection speed and accuracy. The Daily Mail reports;

Researchers found coronavirus has a 'distinctive odour' that means specially-trained medical detection dogs can identify infected people, even those without symptoms.

Astonishingly, the dogs are able to detect up to 94 per cent per cent of cases - making them significantly more accurate than rapid lateral flow tests.

So, each fan who attends the show will not be sniffed down by dogs at the gate of the United Center, but you should know now that the venue, at this point, does require proof of a negative test or COVID-19 vaccination to attend any events, so plan accordingly before you go.

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