When you think about being pursued by an angry wild animal that has designs on eating, mauling, or generally messing you up, you probably don't picture that animal being...

An ostrich.

However, the video below may change your mind. Ostriches can be a bit cranky at times, and when you combine a bad disposition with speed (ostriches can run up to 40 miles an hour in short bursts, but can maintain speed of over 30mph for up to half an hour), you've got a potentially big problem on your hands (or, in this case, handlebars).

These cyclists, working their way down the road somewhere in Africa, discover in short order that there are other things to worry about in Africa besides the lions and hyenas:

Then again, this could all be some sort of mix-up. Maybe the cyclists and the ostrich were trying to get away from the cameraman on a motorcycle behind them. However, it looks like the world's fastest animal on 2 feet has a habit of being cranky and giving chase: