The guy above, Indiana Jones, is not a fan of snakes, as you may know from watching the films. I mean, he would deal with them, but not for fun. Indy needed a reason, like treasures, or the lost ark of the covenant, not just because he had a cool GoPro camera and thought some rattlesnake video might be YouTube post-worthy.

But, Michael Delaney is not Indiana Jones. Michael has a cool GoPro camera, and in his neck of the woods in Montana, he's got lots of rattlesnakes. Michael thought some rattlesnake footage would be cool to post on YouTube, but he just didn't expect that the snakes would lay claim to his camera:

Michael points out that his camera was in good working order...after he wiped off the venom. I would like to go the rest of my days without adding "venom wiping" to my list of accomplished tasks.

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