Tim Anderson is on his way to being a superstar on the South Side of Chicago. 

The suddenly surging Sox shortstop made headlines a few weeks ago when his bat flips all of a sudden made national news.

Here's the bat flip in question. I personally think it's awesome. Give me all the bat flips. I'd love it if MLB started looking a little like Korean ball.

Look how much fun everyone is having. Isn't that what baseball is about?

But I digress, this is about something everyone can get behind.

Tim Anderson, the current league leader with 12, will donate $500 for every stolen base to a charity that fights violence.

Tim began the charity in honor of his friend that was shot and killed in 2017.

You can also sign up to join Tim in his fight against violence. Anyone that donates $50 or more throughout the season will be entered to win an autographed base from Anderson. I'm going to guess that Tim being the kind of guy he is will also throw in a little meet and greet and probably some tickets.

Get to know Tim Anderson. If the White Sox get good in the next couple of years, he will be a major reason why.

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