It seems like everyone knows Hawk Harrelson needs to ride off into the sunset except him. 

The bloviating announcer for the White Sox reduced his schedule by half last year when he only did road games and heir apparent Jason Benetti took care of home games. His extended farewell tour will go into this season when he's reportedly only going to do "about 20 games."

I don't have a problem with the two year good-bye (it is a bit indulgent) I just have a problem with what comes out of ol' Hawk-a-roo's mouth. It's usually not a salient baseball thought.

When Hawk says something like "you couldn't pay me to set foot into Wrigley," there are a number of things wrong with it. One, no one really cares anymore. His schtick has gotten REALLY old. Two, and I think more importantly is that real White Sox fans want to do away with this blind rivalry with the Cubs. They want to be their own team, and not judged against what's going on on the North Side. Cub fans have moved on. Sure the crosstown rivalry is fun once a year but after that, the focus is on the season.

Hopefully, this is one of the last times Hawk says something dumb to the media. I'll honestly miss him. It's good to have a fool in the spotlight to ridicule.

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