Sometimes, there's a big difference between the car you want, and the car you get. That difference is usually decided by sticker price.

So, don't think about what car most people in Illinois really want to own, think about what the average Illinoisan is willing to spend on their transportation needs.

An auto industry analyst at IHS Automotive was wondering one day what kinds of cars you would be most likely to see on the roads in any given state. So, being a numbers cruncher, he gathered data of every car sold in America, then found the frequency that each model was sold as a percentage of the total number of cars. He did the same thing for each state. Then, he compared each state’s average to the national average, to find out which car each state buys more than others.

So, which of the following vehicles is Illinois' most purchased?

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(Dodge Caravan)Getty Images
2016 Chicago Auto Show Media Preview - Day 2
(Buick Encore)Getty Images
1992 Ford Taurus
(Ford Taurus)Getty Images

If you went with the Dodge Caravan, congratulations! You guessed Illinois' most purchased car. While you were at it, by guessing the Dodge Caravan, you also guessed the most purchased car in Missouri, and in Wisconsin, too.

The Buick Encore is tops in Indiana, and the Ford Taurus rules the roost in Minnesota.

Oh, and for those who think that maybe a little too much of our tax money goes to Washington, D.C., here's the most purchased car in the District of Columbia:

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(Jaguar XK)Getty Images

That's the Jaguar XK. I found a pre-owned 2015 online for $58,000. I don't think I can afford to live in Washington.

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