Imagine pulling up to a drive thru window and you see a cute pup? Best day ever.

Last week was "Take Your Dog To Work Day". Which of course sounds like a BLAST. But it led me down a mental rabbit hole of the concept of dogs working. Sure you could bring your dog into the office. But what if instead your dog just went into the office every day?

I'm sure most dogs wouldn't settle for an office job. They want to be around their favorite thing. FOOD!

So now that we've narrowed down our job options to the food industry, it's time to survey some dogs. We asked on Facebook and Instagram for you to use your imagination to tell us what food industry job your dog would want. Your answers did NOT disappoint.

I think my dog Nelly would take any job that involved chicken. As long as she could smell chicken all day she'd be fine. We asked on Facebook as well what food job your dog would have.

13 Food Industry Jobs Rockford Dogs Would Love To Have

If they're getting a gig, make sure there's some grub.

I know I shouldn't pick favorites, so I'll call this my honorable mention.


If you're like me and don't know what a sommelier is, here's the definition which makes this picture ten times more hilarious than it already is.

A wine steward.

I mean, I've always thought bulldogs looked quite distinguished. So I feel like a sommelier would be the perfect gig. The can stick that wrinkly snoot right on the top of the glass, take a sniff, then clumsily knock it over with their big paws. Perfect wine tasting.

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