Every day there are new businesses in the 815 popping up on Instagram that you should be following. For a good laugh and a great wax, follow this one for sure.

I'm not even sure how I first came across this Rockford business on Instagram, but they needed a 'follow' immediately. It's not the type of business I thought I'd be looking forward to seeing in my daily Insta-scrolling.

Summer is Almost Here, Have You Scheduled Your Bikini Wax?

I'm about to share how this Rockford skincare and hair removal business has been cracking up since the Covid pandemic began, the least I can do is thank them for the laughs by hopefully sending them some new customers.

Rockford's Sugar Me Skincare and Hair Removal at 4310 Charles Street

The first Instagram post I saw from Sugar Me Skin Care was when all salons were closed by the governor to help control the spread of the coronavirus.

We were all trying to make sense of our lives and how typically normal things we enjoyed doing were going to have to change. Haircuts, facials, and waxes were all put on indefinite hold. It was all good for a couple of weeks, but that shutdown got really lengthy and these particular services were greatly missed. In all that stress, Sugar Me Skin Care found a way to make us laugh about our 'unkempt' selves and how we'd find a way around our favorite services that were now missing.

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Remember how excited we got when it looked like we'd get to take our masks off once summer arrived in 2020?

Just leave a little this time.

Something you can say to your hairstylist, but not your esthetician who is waxing you.

How accurate are these nine kitty faces?

You'll never look at a cactus the same way again.

We had just made it through the holidays, the season where it's all about doing things for others and basically ignoring your own needs... until Valentine's Day.

Thanks for the laughs, Sugar Me Skin Care and Hair Removal.

To book an appointment with your new bestie, call (815) 315-2142. Obviously you should be following them on Instagram.

You'll also find them on Facebook.

This last Instagram post I want to share from Sugar Me, is not because it made us laugh, but because we agree with it one hundred percent.

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