Perhaps you've seen the show "Extreme Yachts" on the Travel Channel. I've seen a few episodes after sadly losing control of the remote to my wife. At least it's a break from "Love It or List It".

In a similar vein, Yahoo Travel's Melinda Crow (via MentalFloss) asked two RV dealers in Alvarado, Texas (just south of Fort Worth), to show her their best models:

We looked at motor homes ranging from a mere quarter million dollars to a Prevost Outlaw that had a sticker price of $1.6 million. In this price range, even the shopping experience is impressive. The Prevost had its own red carpet garage at Motor Home Specialist. RV dealers like the ones we visited often offer VIP services like airport pickup and overnight accommodations for shoppers in the upper end of the price range.

So, what does a million or so bucks get you in a motor home? Here's one picture:

You can see all the photos she took at MentalFloss.

Kitchens come equipped with all the usual features plus dishwashers, trash compactors and wine coolers. Even outdoor refrigerators and grills are standard, popping out from the side of the coach with the touch of a button. And what about entertainment?

All of the models we toured had plenty of options for entertainment. LCD TV screens rise from countertops, pop out of outdoor compartments, or tuck into closets when not in use. Even the bedroom TV is likely to have a top-of-the-line sound bar to complete its own entertainment system.

It's all well out of my price range. And besides, where in the world would I park it?


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