Following preliminary surveys from across Northern Illinois, the National Weather Service has confirmed 9 tornadoes touched down as part of Monday's severe storms. Here's a map of the areas impacted:

Officials say the strongest tornado and heaviest damage was found in Coal City and Braidwood, caused by a high end EF-3 with maximum estimated wind speeds up to 160 mph. That makes it the strongest twister in the Chicago metro area since the August 28, 1990 Plainfield F-5 tornado.

The damage at Woodhaven Lakes in Sublette caused by an EF-2 tornado. Meanwhile, it appears the NWS believes any damage in Sterling was caused by straight-line winds, though the Quad Cities office of the NWS reports a couple of tornadoes just southeast of that area.

Unfortunately, the Chicago Tribune reports the damage in Sublette appears worse than originally thought:

Assistant Chief Kevin Schultz of the Sublette Fire Department described seeing trees crashed through trailers and trailers crashed into trees. He said trees that stood up to 60 feet tall Monday had been whittled down to about 10 feet by the storm. Crews were also dealing with gas leaks early Tuesday, with some liquefied gas blanketing trees. The damage was mostly limited to the bottom half of the campground, about 700 to 800 acres, Schultz said..."At this point in time, the best word to describe it is decimated," he said.

After surveying the damage done Monday night, John Stenzel, village president of Sublette, said he expects crews "will be spending months" clearing downed trees and destroyed trailers.

Here's a radar loop of the supercell thunderstorm from Monday night:

Radar Loop of Monday June 22, 2015 Severe Weather and Flooding Event Here's a radar loop of Monday night's severe weather and flooding event that produced at least 9 tornadoes in our forecast area and serious flooding along the path of the supercell thunderstorm.

Posted by US National Weather Service Chicago Illinois on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

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