Beware of those mosquitoes you think are harmless... a case of West Nile has been confirmed in LaSalle county.

According to News Trib, the first confirmed case of West Nile in LaSalle county has been confirmed.

I'm pretty certain my childhood was West Nile free. We just played outside all day and dealt with mosquito bites.

Then, when I was in high school all of the sudden we heard about this very scary virus.

Since then it seems that West Nile pops up every year around this time,  so while we need to be careful with our bites, it's not very surprising that a case was confirmed.

Seeing that here in Rockford we have dealt with so much rain already this year, our bug problems are pretty high, so we need to protect ourselves from the possibility of West Nile.

So what should we do? Get out that heavy duty bug spray.

News Trib says ditch the light spray and get the bug spray with DEET. Get your long sleeves and avoid stagnant water.

Be aware too, you can have West Nile and show no symptoms.

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