In most places, the discussion is usually the number of horses under the hood, not the size of the constricting snake.

However, for an Omro, Wisconsin (which also happens to be in Winnebago County) woman, it appears as though the snake ate the horses.

From UPI:

The Omro Police Department said officers and a snake handler responded Wednesday night to the side of a road, where a woman discovered the 4-foot ball python coiled around the engine of her vehicle.

Police said "the reluctant reptile is alive and well, just tired and scared."

Investigators were able to locate the snake's owner using social media. The python, which had been missing for about a month and a half, was found to be an illegal pet.

The snake is currently in the care of the snake handler. It was unclear whether it would be returned to be the owner, who was fined $313 for keeping the illegal exotic animal in the city.


Before you chalk this up to something strange in Cheeseland, wait. This sort of thing happens in other places, too:

And, it's not just snakes, either:

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