If you’ve been to the supermarket or the toy store lately you’ve seen a lot of Ghostbusters tie-in merchandise. Action figures, beverages, snack cakes, stuffed dolls; you name it, they’re making it to promote the new Ghostbusters movie opening in theaters this Friday.

Milking the Ghostbusters franchise like a giant, spectral cash cow is nothing new; the Ghostbusters was one of the first ’80s franchises to fully capitalize on its appeal to children with an endless array of products. The movie begat The Real Ghostbusters TV show which begat a huge line of toys, including action figures and an assortment of gadgets that let you pretend you were one of the Ghostbusters (he said, as he sighed wistfully and recalled his Ghost Popper). Most of these toys were pretty good for their day; replica proton packs and PKE meters that did a decent (if cartoonish) job of replicating the equipment from the film and TV series.

But as so often happens in these situations, not every product was a slam dunk. In the same way that Star Wars has produced some truly bizarre merchandise, Ghostbusters has emblazoned its no-ghosts logo on some highly questionable gift items. In the gallery above, you will find ten of the strangest. A few of them are scarier than anything you’ll see in Ivan Reitman’s movie.

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