Take a look at this beauty right here!

I wrote that blog back in November and after shopping at Gray's the other day I knew I had to update them right away.

This right here is a SOLID shopping cart. Let's take a look at the features.

1. Plastic bumpers


Nice plastic bumpers and caps along the edge of the carts. It'll prevent dings in the parking lot and snags on the sweater. I'll always prefer the hard plastic carts of Target, but this is a nice wrought iron(steel?)/plastic hybrid that should be used more often.

2. Plenty of volume


I always prefer the double-decker style of carts. Their stubbiness makes them much easier to control in the crowd. You're usually sacrificing some available volume for groceries but these two wells are much roomier than your standard double-decker cart.

3. This hook


This is minor and I know a lot of carts have them but this one is bigger and more accessible than most. I don't usually carry a purse, but that's a great place to hang a bag of eggs or bread to protect them on the way to the car.

4. Rear compartment/cup holder

Cup holder

The best and most innovative feature of this cart. I love this rear compartment. I use it for milk, OJ, and any other similar shaped containers. I LOVE the fact that it's elevated. I've hurt my foot accidentally kicking that thing before at other stores like Meijer. Then they go and elevate it even further by throwing a cup holder in there. Perfect place to store my coffee so it's out of the way. Just a great design all around.

Here's the official updated rankings:

  1. Target
  2. Schnuck's
  3. GRAY'S
  4. Lowe's/Home Depot
  5. Meijer
  6. Costco
  7. Valli

While it's a great cart, it can't quite get past the all-plastic versions at Target and Schnuck's. If you have to have a steel cart, you can't go wrong with this one.

P.S. You might be wondering where Woodman's is on the ranking. Well it probably won't come as a surprise to you that I have strong thoughts on shopping at Woodman's. No disrespect Woodman's but it's a disaster in there.

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