Winnebago County Animal Services (WCAS) says they have 40 dogs that need to be adopted before they can begin work on new kennels.

The shelter says a select number of dogs will be available for adoption at a reduced fee of $25 each starting Wednesday, June 12th.

The renovation includes adding double compartment areas that better meet the needs of the dogs by giving them an expanded area to eliminate away from their bed, food and water and more area to move about or retreat during their stay. The new and improved kennels will also improve safety and efficiency for both staff and volunteers.

Being a proud owner of 3 pets (two are rescues), I can tell you that if you want to add some real joy to your life, you should go online, call, or visit Winnebago County Animal Services to see what they have. I went through the adoptable dogs listings a few minutes ago, and they've got some really, really good boys (and girls) who need a new home.

For those wondering about the qualifications for adoption...

Qualifications/Requirements to adopt include:
*Must be at least 18 years old
*Have a State-issued photo ID such as a driver's license
*Up-to-date rabies vaccinations and county rabies tags of any other cats and dogs you already own
*Please note that we honor out of county ordinances regarding rabies vaccinations and registration for the county you reside in.
*Little or no animal-related complaints on file
*History of being a responsible pet owner (regular rabies vaccinations and compliance with animal ordinances)
*Please contact your landlord and let them know you are considering adopting a pet. Some landlords may require a pet deposit or have restrictions in place such as the size of pet.
*We adopt to out of county or out of state residents; however, you must come to the shelter in person. We do not ship or transport animals to adopters.
*As part of your adoption fee, all cats and dogs adopted from Winnebago County Animal Services are spayed or neutered before going to their new home. Cats or dogs that have already been sterilized can go home the same day of adoption. If an animal requires spay or neuter surgery, it will remain at the shelter until the next scheduled day of surgeries.
*Winnebago County Animal Services will also implant a Microchip in your new pet as a permanent form of identification implanted between the pet’s shoulders. It's important that you keep your address and telephone number current with Winnebago County Animal Services and the microchip company in case your pet becomes lost.


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