I've always felt a little sorry for reporters who find themselves trying to do their job while drunken/obnoxious idiots are around.

There are countless videos out there that show these inebriated fools jumping into a shot, grabbing a reporter, shouting obscenities, etc. Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel ended up kneeing a guy full-on in the groin as the man charged Cantore during a live weather shot.

Kudos to CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt in Toronto, who has had more than enough of this kind of thing done to her, and wasn't about to take it anymore. One of the idiots appears to get where she's coming from. Another idiot with a big mouth appears to be quite proud of himself.

Take a look:

You know, Shauna, a well-aimed strike with that microphone would've been great. Maybe next time.

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