Beer and basketball always go together, but usually it's while you're out at a bar or home not at a college arena.

However U of I in Champaign is giving everyone a chance to watch the Illini and drink beer at the game.

WREX shares that the University of Illinois in Champaign is trying out the selling alcohol at their games next month during the Ohio State and U of I May 4th game.

If it goes well the school says they will expand it to other sporting venues.

right now this trial will be for only one basketball game, May 4th, and "that beer will be sold and only allowed in a fenced-in tent area. Sales will be limited to fans aged 21 and older."

Much like like what they've done for their football games.

For the past two years they have been selling beer outside Memorial Stadium "in a fenced-in tailgate area" for their football games.

I say good luck to them. I hope it goes well like it appears it has for Illini football games. I just hope there isn't some knuckle head that ruins it for all.

You know how there's always that possibility with that one person.

Fingers crossed for the school that doesn't happen.





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