What would happen if your cat came face-to-face with a groundhog? Thanks to a new video share, you can get some kind of idea as this is exactly what happened for one Midwest feline and a stubborn groundhog.

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According to the video share, this happened in Haslett, Michigan. Here's what the person who captured the video said about it:

A groundhog came up to my window and I started filming it seeing if my cat would react. He ran into the glass. He started pawing at the glass and the groundhog started imitating his paw movements and head gestures.

So the groundhog is a comedian it appears...

If you have groundhogs in your yard and you're happy about it, that's good news because they're near impossible to get rid of as Business Insider mentioned in a recent article. They're not dangerous and rarely attack humans, but they can be a nuisance. They are not a friend of the foundation of your home if they're nearby.

I'm giving away my age a bit by admitting that this groundhog/cat thing brought to mind a certain Bill Murray movie (looking at you Caddyshack) and also a fun moment from Family Guy.

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