Two enter the arena, but only one will walk away as the winner. It's new video of 2 English Bulldogs who both want to be in the same space and neither is willing to give an inch.

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You laugh, but if you have a bulldog as a pet, you understand. You haven't witnessed stubborn (in a loveable kind of way) until you've seen a bulldog being asked to budge. It's not happening. This fun bulldog moment happened in Oak Lawn, Illinois a few days ago. Here's the short but sweet backstory from the video description:

Two English bulldogs that live to play ball have an epic face off/stare down for total ball domination.

Let the faceoff begin.

Eventually, the bulldog on the left decides it's not worth it and walks away as only a bulldog can.

The American Kennel Club describes English Bulldogs as "friendly, courageous and calm". You can add "stubborn" to that list in ALL CAPS.

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