Reports of a text scam are starting to swirl around Rockford after first being reported in Poplar Grove. If you receive a text from someone claiming to be Western Union, delete it - Do not respond.

The text, shared with WIFR, says there is money waiting for you and includes a link. Do not click this link.

"( - Money arrived. Claim your $242 Money Transfer #XXXXXXX @)"

The manager of J & D Countryside Marathon in Poplar Grove said both employees and customers came into this store (a Western Union outlet) with this text and a few questions. Western Union told him this is indeed a scam and will see that is it blocked.

Although I couldn't find anything at about texting scams, I did find this - which mentions receiving links for claiming money.

What should I do with a spam email referring to Western Union?

Please forward the original email to Please note that this won’t file a complaint; if you believe you’re a victim of fraud, call our fraud hotline and report the crime, and file a complaint with your local law enforcement agency.

Also, we encourage you to share information about scams and phishing emails with your friends and family. Word-of-mouth is a powerful way to spread the word about common scams. If you’re receiving unsolicited phishing emails, others probably are too.

If you receive calls, emails, or texts that seem too good to be (or a little fishy) contact the company directly before taking action.


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