If the thought of getting three free large pizzas from Little Caesars sounds too good to be true, that's because it is. The third-largest pizza chain in the country issued a warning this week about a fake coupon making its way around the internet.

Fake internet coupons are certainly not a new scam, as a bunch of folks found themselves scammed late last year by a fake coupon for Kohl's that also circulated around the internet (Kohl's had nothing to do with that coupon).

This coupon scam is even more insidious than previous ones we've seen because in addition to not getting what you'd hoped to get with the coupon---you may wind up with a virus downloaded onto your computer:

There is currently a fraudulent Little Caesars coupon in circulation, stating “Little Caesars is rewarding everyone with 3 free large pizza coupon on their 60th anniversary”. This coupon was not generated or distributed by Little Caesars. We are monitoring the situation and diligently working to resolve this issue. We recommend that you do not click through to the coupon, as it may download a virus on your computer or device. Thank you.

Plus, isn't their slogan "Pizza Pizza?" It's not "Pizza, Pizza, Pizza," so there you go.

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