Yes, I know that the Rolling Stones concert at the Rockford Metro Centre happened almost 35 years ago (the anniversary is October 1st), but, it appears you can still obtain a ticket.

I was knocking around on earlier, when I stumbled upon this:

Right Brain/Left Brain via
Right Brain/Left Brain via

For those who don't recall, our sister station, 97ZOK, got a petition going in 1981 to bring the Rolling Stones to Rockford. Not many gave the station a chance at getting one of the world's biggest acts to come here, especially since the Stones were doing stadiums and other large venues.

However, 35,000 signatures on that petition apparently struck the Stones' fancy, and they agreed to the show (there's a lot more to the story, including some really hard work performed by a great staff here at the station).

After playing to huge crowds in Philly and Buffalo, the Stones showed up here in Rockford and played for a sellout crowd of around 8800.

If you went, but lost your ticket to the years, or you didn't go, but you want to lie and tell people you did, click here to buy the ticket (assuming it's still available).

Interesting how a $15.00 ticket is now $50.00.

For a more in-depth look at how 97ZOK scored a visit by the Rolling Stones, check out this article at

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