On Friday, July 22nd, you can take a 360 degree virtual tour of the Coronado Performing Arts Center featuring Cheap Trick.

If you haven't seen a 360 degree video before, you are missing out!

You can watch them on either the computer or your mobile device. It's a sight you most definitely have to see. With a 360 degree video, you can move the screen in various positions using your keyboard or phone and the video immerses you right in the center of all the action.

I prefer to watch 360 degree videos on my mobile phone while sitting in my desk chair. Then I can spin around and watch everything that is happening. Sure I get dizzy, but it's totally worth it.

One type of video I haven't seen is one from Georama. They are the world's first real-time virtual tour platform. Their vision is to help anyone travel in the world instantly.

This week, Georama is bringing their super-high-tech technology to Rockford.

They are featuring live tours all over Rockford this week in partnership with the Illinois Office of Tourism and Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau according to gorockford.com.

There have been videos of the Rockford City Market, Anderson Japanese Gardens and more.

This Friday, July 22 at 12:00 p.m. they will be touring the Coronado Performing Arts Center featuring Cheap Trick!

Here is the link to watch the video live: LIVE CPAC CHEAP TRICK VIDEO.

To see past videos of some of Rockford's greatest places, CLICK HERE.


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