Have you ever seen The Exorcist? There's a creepy scene in the movie with Linda Blair walking down a set of stairs on her hands and feet in a bridge position; or as the producers of the movies call it, a spider walk. It's a little unsettling. If you don't remember it, let me refresh your memory:

Now, I want you to watch these videos of Guilford High School Sophomore, Tamajah Harris, who is triple jointed and can spin her spine around.

See the similarities? Isn't that freaky?

I had a chance to chat with Tamajah on Facebook and I had a ton of questions like, "When did you discover you had this hidden talent? How often are you asked to show people what you can do? Have you thought of any creative ways you can use your triple jointedness to your advantage?"

She says:

I was in third grade when my teacher noticed my stretch was different than other kids and I was able to put my feet over my head during yoga after recess, but it was not until volleyball at ISC that people began to give me tricks or ideas to do with my body and from then all of my classmates have always asked me to do it like everyday. I haven't been contacted by Ellen yet, but hopefully I do; she must be interested in me if she shared the video. I've always thought about doing gymnastics or being in a horror movie. My teachers have told me I'm good with the dramatics and facial expressions.

She was featured on Ellen's website? Yep and you can view it here.

Hopefully she gets featured on the show; until then, we're hoping she can join us here in studio and show us this trick that has to be seen in person to be believed.