At the risk of coming off like an unromantic, uncaring, unaware, and clueless excuse for a husband...I kind of forgot until this morning that Sunday is Valentines Day. I suppose that's better than remembering it late Sunday night as I head for bed...but it's not much better. In my defense, I remember all birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, and my wife has seen fit to keep me around for nearly 25 years (June 29th will be our silver anniversary).

In case, like me, you'd forgotten all about Valentines Day, let's look at some of the numbers associated with the "Day of Love," courtesy of John S. Kiernan at the outstanding website, Wallet Hub:

Valentine’s Day is the third largest consumer holiday in the United States by amount spent, with the $19.7 billion that we shell out in Cupid’s name each year coming in just behind the $21.2 billion spent on Mother’s Day and the $630.5 billion we devote to the winter holidays. So, whether you love or hate this holiday (if you even think it’s a holiday to begin with), there’s no denying St. Valentine’s impact on our nation’s economy.

Wow. And to think that my forgetfulness could've damaged our economic recovery! As long as we're covering the money end of VD Day:

  • $146.84 is the average amount Valentines Day revelers will spend this year.
  • $4.5 billion is the collective amount expected to be spent by the 38.3% of couples planning a night out on the town.
  • $87.25 is the breakdown of spending per couple on the aforementioned night out.
  • $286.00 is the amount expected to be spent by couples planning a Valentines weekend getaway.

As far as the go-to items for Valentines Day:

  • 250 million is the number of roses produced for Valentines Day.
  • $1.99 billion is how much will be spent on those roses by the 36.4% who plan to buy.
  • $4.45 billion is the amount that will be spent by the 19.9% who plan to buy jewelry.
  • 20% of all annual flower sales happen around Valentines Day.
  • $1.76 billion will be spent on candy.
  • $1.68 billion will be spent on gift cards.
  • $1.15 billion will be spent on greeting cards.
  • 1300 different types of Valentines Day cards are being offered by Hallmark this year.

Let's close out with some advice on love and relationships from some really cool "older" couples from Dublin, Ireland. Their accents alone are worth a look:


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