If $10.20, or $11.76, or even $19.58 per hour sounds pretty good to you, the folks at UPS are hiring at the Rockford Air Hub located on Airport Drive.

UPS is looking for 2,100 package handlers, 30 driver-helpers, and 15 delivery and tractor-trailer drivers. These jobs are seasonal, with some of them having the potential to be permanent. UPS says that looking back over the last 3 years, some 35% of seasonal employees were hired on full-time after the holidays.

UPS is getting the word out now because the holiday rush season begins in November and runs all the way through the holidays.

If you find yourself hired on permanently, you'll also find the job comes with healthcare and retirement benefits, and part-time employees in college can receive up to $25,000 to assist with their tuition from the company’s Earn and Learn program.

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