Iconic is in quotes because it's not exactly a compliment. 

If you spent any time in Champaign during your early 20's you probably have (fuzzy) memories of Kam's. the official home of The Drinking Illini.

Well, you have until October 20th to visit again because it sounds like this time the news of Kam's closing is for real.

Kam's will be moving and two other bars will occupy the building on Daniels.

NewsGazette - The so-called home of the drinking Illini is scheduled to reopen in January in its new location at First and Green streets, where construction is underway. Cochrane said that new building will also house two other bars — Stan’s Gridiron, which occupied Kam’s current location at 618 E. Daniel St., C, until 1975; and Second Chance, a popular campus bar on Sixth Street that burned down in the late 1970s.

If you haven't been to Champaign in a few years, or decades, you might not even recognize it. Green Street has new buildings and skyrises going up every year.

I wouldn't be concerned for the student body though. Something tells me that the youngsters will find another place that smells like urine to drink their faces off.

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