University of Chicago students get an extra day off following the Thanksgiving holiday, but no one's really happy about it.

University officials say all classes and activities are canceled Monday after the FBI passed on an online threat of gun violence on the campus quad reportedly at 10 a.m. Monday:

"Based on the FBI's assessment of this threat and recent tragic events at other campuses across the country, we have decided in consultation with federal and local law enforcement officials, to exercise caution by canceling all classes and activities on the Hyde Park campus through midnight on Monday," University President Robert Zimmer said in the email.

In response to the threat, the university will bolster the police and security presence on and around campus, including personnel with visible weapons as the university keeps in close contact with the FBI, which is continuing to investigate the threat, Zimmer said.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the decision could affect more than 30,000 students, faculty and staff who work on the Hyde Park campus south of downtown Chicago.

The only facility that remains open is the medical center, which will treat patients but have added security.

Anyone with information regarding unusual incidents on campus are asked to call 773-702-8181.



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