A flat tire Wednesday on I-55 would have derailed a heart-transplant procedure if not for the quick actions of Illinois State Police troopers.

An organ transplant vehicle carrying 3 University of Chicago technicians and a human heart that was earmarked for a transplant ran into some trouble when one of the tires on the vehicle went flat en route to the University of Chicago Medical Center last week.

"Time is of the essence when it comes to transplant surgery," hospital spokesperson Ashley Heher. "There is about a four to six hour window of time for a heart to remain viable for surgery and the team had already been traveling for approximately 3 hours."

Trooper Cibrian and Trooper Snisko rushed the precious cargo and the staffers to the hospital in their squad car.

They arrived in time to save the heart and made it possible for doctors to perform the surgery in a timely manner. The hospital said the transplant recipient is recovering.


Kudos once again to the Illinois State Police!

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