Have you ever been given a ticket and you know in your heart you weren't guilty but you just don't have a way to prove it?

I definitely have.

I've spent my fair share of time in downtown Chicago. I would wager that I have received about a half dozen parking tickets. Now most of them were my fault. Either I didn't get up early enough to move my car or I was just fed up with looking for a spot and rolled the dice in a spot I knew was illegal.

There is something to be said for confusing street signs that seem to only allow parking on one side of the street if there was a full moon the previous Sunday, but those signs at least seem to follow the rules.

What happened to the gentleman in this video was just straight up unfair.  What makes this story different is that he has the footage to prove he was not in the wrong.

I'm just curious as to how the city will still be able to bleed some money from this guy because I'll be shocked if he actually gets out of this without paying a dime.