Riley & I just talked about this story on the show. The pictures seem fake, but unfortunately they're all too real. Three children in upstate New York were injured after a bounce house they were playing in was swept off the ground during a windstorm.

ABC News has the story:

Witnesses said a gust of wind upward of 25 mph, lifted the house approximately 50 feet  – more than two stories high — and  carried it over a stretch of woods before dropping it on a two-story schoolhouse.

“It was like a horror movie,” resident Taylor Seymour told ABC News. “That poor, little kid came flying, just came flying out of nowhere.”

Here's the report from last night's ABC World News Tonight:

The good news is that all three children survived:

The girl, 10, fell out just after liftoff and suffered scrapes. The boys, 5 and 6, suffered injuries ranging from two broken arms to a serious head injury after one was dropped onto the street below and the other, onto a car.

The manufacturer of the playhouse said it was looking into the accident. Hard to say if it's a defect with the product; after all, I've never heard of a similar story anywhere else.

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