This Twitter account is filled with gems for those of us who hail from the Midwest.

This rang so true for me I was honestly surprised that this isn't how everyone describes directions.

The Up North one is the best. You say you're going "Up North" could mean anything from Janesville to Ontario.

Apparently, another midwestern thing is to describe distances in minutes instead of distances. That just makes sense. What does 50 miles even mean? Let me know if that's a 45-minute trip or an hour and a half. It just makes sense.

Check out the whole account. You'll be nodding your head in approval the whole time.

P.S. Here's another one of my favorites from them.

I swear my dad has 3 of these mowing shoes in different stages of grimy-ness. Did every white guy over the age of 50 just get these shoes delivered to them one day?

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