I've been an Alton Brown fan for years. I loved his "Good Eats" show on Food Network, in which he seamlessly combined science and cooking, along with a healthy dollop of laughs. I also enjoy how he tortures (all in fun, no waterboarding yet) the contestants on his current hit, "Cutthroat Kitchen."

He has always railed against what he calls "unitaskers," or kitchen tools that can only be used for one thing. So, before you buy yourself, or someone on your gift list some fancy-schmancy miracle gadget online, take a look at what you might want to avoid.

In the interests of full disclosure, my wife and daughter thought our lives would be made immeasurably better with the purchase of the "Vegetti." It turns out, they were wrong. As surprising as it may be, making spaghetti noodles out of vegetables...well...sucks.

Thanks to Alton Brown, you know that now.