It appears that photographer Sean Hoffman struck a collective nerve with the video he took at Midway Airport last Thursday (see Joe Dredge's post from Friday). Sean's two-minute long walk down the line of passengers waiting to go through a security checkpoint has several million views to its credit, and also has the Transportation Safety Administration scrambling for answers and explanations.

American Airlines Group Inc., the nation’s No. 1 airline by traffic, estimates that “tens of thousands” of passengers have missed their flights so far this year due to long wait times for screening. In the week of March 14 alone, 6,800 American passengers missed their planes, an American spokesman said. “Our customers are very upset.”

Last Thursday, the spokesman said, the wait time for American passengers at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport was up to one hour and 45 minutes at the peak. On Friday morning, an American plane headed to Orlando from Dallas left without 27 passengers stalled in security lines.

As you might imagine (or have already experienced), Midway is not the only airport having this problem:


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